Professional & Experienced

Since 2007 Trent Neumann Construction, Inc. has provided safe and qualified crane services.  

Crane Operations

Our wide range of crane equipment means that we are equipped to perform most lifts.  

Terex T-560 All-Terrain Crane

• 40 ton capacity
• 94 feet powered boom
• 32-49 foot side stow jib
• Max tip height: 147 feet

What You Can Expect

At Trent Neumann Construction we are committed to provide a safe job site, excellent equipment and quality every time.

Terex RT-665 Rough Terrain Crane

• 65 ton capacity
• 111 feet powered boom

Crane Services Locations

We provide various types of crane service throughout Montana.

Terex T-560 All-Terrain Crane

• 60 ton capacity
• 110 feet powered boom
• 33-57 foot side stow jib
• Max tip height: 169 feet
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